Invitation to you from Our LEOM Mission

Thank you for your visiting our website and reading this letter. It is for you and your blessed family to visit India and our ministry at any time. India is a big counter in the world that most of the people are belongs to Hindus. Here there are many different Christian denominations churches and leaders and Hindus and Muslims in our areas. These people are confused about the word of God what the Bible is telling us.

Here many pastors and church leaders do not have any proper biblical training or sound theological educational qualifications from the Bible College. They leave their own jobs by calling of God and start doing the ministry in their areas where the Lord was shown the placed to them. They only preach and read the bible words among their churches, not explain the word of God clearly and theological. Although they are winning a number of perishing souls, leading church congregation under the inspiration of God

If these uneducated or untrained ministers are given some training classes by you and your family, then they can be able to do the Lords work in a more effective way. So we have started these training bible study programs in every month. If there is any possible to you and your family to visit India. Please come to India at any time and preach your word of Gods to our pastors and church leaders and among mixed of Indian peoples. They will learn and teach their own local people by your visits. Matthew 28:19; therefore go and make disciples of all the nations;

Let me know about your India trips dates and thoughts. We will accompany with you any time the during your India visit and will arrange necessary things for you in India. Please Visit India and Save India 

Sincerely in Christ,

Sunil Paul Chapala & Ludhiya and Team of Love Each Other Ministries 

Directions to Love Each Other Ministries, Jonnada-India

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Pastors Conference in March, 2017

Pastors Conference February, 2017

Pastors Conference, January 2017

Church Pastors Conference in May, 2016

Pastors/Leaders Conference in March 2016

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