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My testimony; I would like to share you my testimony, my name is Sunil Paul Chapala, and I was born in India. I am the only one son to my parents in my family, after my sister was born, actually my parents are belongs to Hindus and idol worshipers, but they were accepted Jesus is their personal savior and attended the church and prayed in the presence of God and beseeches to the Lord that “If you grant us a son we will dedicate him to your ministry”.

So God was heard my parents faithful prayers. Then I was born in the government hospital like a breathless baby. My mother was near to death in delivery time of my born. So people are talked about me that my mother was presented breathless baby. They worried and talked each others that throw-out him in the place of bury. They decided to carry me to place of bury from hospital. Then they are walking with me on the road of bury ground. Suddenly a senior lady Doctor is walking in that way of road and asked about it, and then he looked at my face closely and he said back this baby to hospital. My mother relatives are talking with doctor that he was dead that your hospital staff was confirmed it.

Again Doctor was rebuked the people those who were taking me and ordered them to bring back child to the hospital. The doctor performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He breathed into my mouth many times. Then suddenly my spirit returned, I began to cry very loudly. My mother was very happy to hear that my son was living, he is not dead. Everyone was moved by this miracle and celebrate the return of my life.

Satan did not give up me when I became alive again, since then; I have faced potentially fatal accidents involving electrical shock, motor vehicle accidents, and accidents while playing games with my friends. Some Hindu neighbors and pretending friends and my family relative were trying to kill me using curses and sorcerers and witchcraft very often, There were many times I had been very near to death by evil people and evil incidents.

Many times I have fight Satan and His evil servants, when I had been facing all these unbearable troubles and plots, and agonies in my mind I wept at Jesus feet to save and cost out all those people in my life. One day Jesus walked up to me and spoke to me through His word. He said I have chosen you for my works shown me as I grew up with Spirit of God from the time of my birth. I went bibles collages and studied deeply the word of God. By the Guidance of Gods spirit and as the vision which God has given me by His power and His Plan, I started His great work and social services at many villages with small groups.

These works are being done among the Hindu people who believe Vedas, Mantras and Idol worship and among people who perform witchcraft, sacrificing chickens and goats ruthlessly. When I saw their tradition and rituals I was afraid to preach the word of Gods to them. I have been threatened by Hindu priests, and Indian idol worshipers. But God has enabled me to continue preaching the gospel through His Word at every place in our area.

Brother.Sunil Paul Chapala
Jonnada (P.O.BOX) 533233
(Via) Alamuru, E.G.District
Andhra Pradesh, South India
Ph ;001-91-818-787-6638